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If you want to talk tech, business & marketing or anything really, just give us a shout! All we ask is you go easy on our headshots (there's only so much that good lighting and a B&W filter can do!)

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CEO | Sales | Co-Founder

Xavier has featured in The Guardian and won NACUE's 2016 UK Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

He has run a number of companies spanning communication technology, media and marketing. He grew an entrepreneurship non-profit by 500%; this helped to build an innovative startup and technology ecosystem in Southampton.

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CMO | Recruitment | Co-Founder

Dominic has won multiple awards including Southampton Student Businessman of the Year for 2016 and with PLATO won a CVC Young Innovator Award.

He is an creative marketing and business lead. He has helped to build numerous organisations across non-profits, marketing and recruitment technology.




AI Support | Machine Learning

Ishan is an experienced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence developer with a Statistics and Mathematics degree from Berkley, California.

He has led and worked on Machine Learning projects for global companies and built the machine learning models for one of the UK's fastest growing insurance startups. 

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COO | Sales | Co-Founder

Aron helped one of his start-ups reach the Telegraph STEM awards semi-finals.

He started building companies from a young age. At 'The Worldy Magazine' (Co-Founder) he led BD for large clients whilst gaining international business development experience working at the Park Plaza Hotel, India.

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CTO | Tech | Co-Founder

Alex is a brilliant software engineer and team leader. He has managed projects at large multinational corporations as well as several startups.

He has a Masters in Computer Science and another in Web Science. He will soon complete a PhD from the University of Southampton in the same subject.



AI Lead | Research | Co-Founder

Marco is our 2x PhD AI & Ml Lead. Marco has a Masters in Bioengineering and PhDs in Mathematics & Computer Science and Electronic & Computer Engineering. What Marco doesn't know about AI, isn't worth knowing.

He has years of extensive commercial experience in AI/ML as well as Data Science. He is also a research fellow for two British universities, and a published author of a book (for Spring) and many papers.


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