PLATO is an advanced machine learning platform with a lot of features to help save you time, money and stress throughout the hiring process and beyond. PLATO is the team member you can always count on.



Lightning Fast CV Screening

By the time you've finished reading this sentence PLATO could have already scanned and assessed over 1,000 CVs.

PLATO uses advanced Natural Language Processing to read and understand CVs at a rate far higher than even a large team of people could.

It gives you an array of insights into your applicants based on many careers' worth of knowledge and UK-wide data fed into the machine learning model.



Minimise Bias & Inefficiency Within Your Processes

Every organisation has a hiring pattern caused by unconscious bias.

These patterns maintain organisational culture, but sometimes the right candidates get overlooked.

PLATO mitigates bias while keeping your organisation's personality. It examines your hiring patterns and identifies key biases within the process and removes them.




Predict Dropout & Churn From Day One

Losing an employee is costly and time consuming. We understand that no one is immune to dropouts.

PLATO's large amount of data lets it know how long a prospective hire is likely to stay with you. It can also offer tailored suggestions on how to incentivise individual employees at the time of hiring.

Sometimes even the best teams can't retain their talent - PLATO can highlight the candidates with the highest risk of leaving.




How Will This Benefit Your Team?