5 Ways Recruitment Will Change Through AI

1) Minimal Bias:

Recruitment is, unfortunately, one of the places in business where unintentional bias dramatically affects our decision-making process. Humans cannot help this. Heuristics, the instincts that helped us to make snap decisions on minimal data, used to help us survive, now cause biases. AI trained on responsible data (a source that is large enough and bias free) can eliminate almost all human bias. Recommendations from AI will be based purely on quantifiable results, and decisions can be objectively deconstructed.


2) Recruiting will be quick:

Right now, recruitment is a painful process. Try putting a job post on any jobs board, and within hours you will be inundated with hundreds of candidates, many of them irrelevant, many of them from recruitment agencies. To accurately assess a CV takes a few minutes. Adequately evaluating 200+ CVs can take two working days. Artifical Intelligence right now is fantastic at understanding text-based information and making recommendations. Already the best recruitment AIs can assess 200 CVs and with a tiny margin of area return the top 10 in under a minute.


3) Predicting Turnover will be simple:

AI has famously been able to make predictions that no human could feasibly make.  With enough of the right data, AI will be able to predict which employees are likely to leave. This makes one of the most painful problems for companies of all sizes disappear, as companies will know which employees to develop and nurture to retain the best talent. This technology has already been used in Universities with incredible success.


4) Interviewing by video:

It already takes a lot less time to interview people via Skype before bringing them in for face to face. AI has already provided an evolution to this by interviewing potential candidates and assessing their answers, their body language and the tone of voice/sentiment used. As this type of interview develops it's likely that almost all preliminary interviews will be conducted in this way.



5) Team  Dynamics:

Any employer will tell you that team dynamics are one of the most important predictors of success. I've already mentioned how powerful AI is at prediction; technologies are being developed that will be able to assess every candidate accurately, not just based on their skills, personality and experience but on whether or not they will fit in with the company or a team.



About the Author: Xavier Parkhouse-Parker is PLATO Intelligence's CEO. Xavier loves applying Philosophy and History to business scenarios. He enjoys using AI to solve problems in the business and HR world and helping HR teams adopt new technologies.

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