Technology & Innovation Belong To HR

Recently I was asked to comment on what myths and stereo types surround HR (see that here). It's safe to say that HR gets a bad rep. It was amazing to see that so many of the other responses were focused on how HR is often seen as an enemy to rebel against for most employees.

I’m not going to delve in to why this is, but in fact offer a solution.


The myth I wrote about was how "HR hates technology" (we are a tech startup after all) of course, this is becoming less and less the case but like everything people rebel against, there needs to be propaganda to use against the enemy.

To us, HR is the vital cog within a company that binds everything together. It’s why working with HR teams is so exciting; as we help this adhesive work better through technology we help the entire company. HR is often responsible for hiring new talent and since de facto, companies are the sum of their people, HR departments are arguably responsible for the success of the entire organisation.

When speaking to numerous HR execs, I find that the myth of technophobic HR teams is so pernicious because it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

If HR departments, HR directors or CEOs start to think that HR hates or fears technology, what happens? HR stops embracing technology and becomes less innovative. In the age of AI, blockchain and robotics, can any company afford technophobia?

Let’s stop this myth, let’s bring technology and HR together and let’s drop the bad rep. In the coming weeks I'll be looking at how companies and their HR teams can best introduce more advanced technology to their systems.


About the Author: Xavier Parkhouse-Parker is PLATO Intelligence's CEO. Xavier loves applying Philosophy and History to business scenarios. He enjoys using AI to solve problems in the business and HR world and helping HR teams adopt new technologies.

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