What makes PLATO different?

PLATO isn't just another statistical model, it's real machine learning using billions of data points. PLATO uses advanced tech to give you simple solutions.



PLATO learns your business

Just like you'd expect with a human consultant, over time PLATO will become more tailored to your business. However, unlike a normal consultant, PLATO doesn't mind if you ask for insights at 3am on a Sunday!

Every company has a personality and, just like a real employee, PLATO will learn how you do things and what type of environment you wish to foster. PLATO selects the people that will enjoy working for you and that your team will enjoy working with.



PLATO is highly customisable

PLATO can be offered as a stand alone web-application or integrated with your existing technology (ATS, CRM & Database integration is easy for our tech guys). We want to work with you, not show you how to work.

Drop us a line to find out how we can create a bespoke product to fit with how you carry out your business.



PLATO is easy to set up and use

We want you to enjoy working with PLATO so we've made it as simple as possible to get started: just log-in and go! We also offer very competitive packages for both small and large enterprises.