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Artificial Intelligence.

The Recruitment Revolution.


PLATO is the Artificial Intelligence solution to the systemic issues within the recruitment industry. We want to change the way companies understand the huge data they amalgamate from applicants’ CV’s to make objectively better and informed hiring decisions.

PLATO can see the patterns, connections and trends between candidates. PLATO understands what makes a great candidate and which candidates are perfect for every company.

PLATO allows companies to make better, faster and cheaper employment decisions.


The Problem

Every good company is built upon its employees ability and dedication; we see a huge opportunity to revolutionise the recruitment industry with rapidly developing AI technology.

The Average cost to fill an employment vacancy in the UK is £5,000, due to recruiter costs, marketing and evaluation. If you add in the costs of recruitment failure, this number only increases.

Recruitment matchmaking has a 48% success rate. This is often due to the sheer amount of human work required to understand and process a large number of candidates. The reading alone can take months. Recruiters are pressured due to time constraints, and their matchmaking is riddled with errors.

68% of people are disengaged with the company they work for, or the job they are in.

This is mainly due to inadequate recruiter matchmaking. Employees are left unproductive and inefficient. People without passion do not make great employees. 

After two of the founders worked in recruitment they saw that the industry leans toward ineffective and often immoral practices more closely aligned with a pyramid scheme than a “consulting” business.

PLATO understands what makes candidates incredible and what companies are looking for.

The Status Quo is Slow, Costly and Ineffective


The Solution

PLATO is the solution to these systemic problems in the recruitment industry.  We know that large companies are not short on applicants, but they are short on effective processes to understanding, analysing and making informed hiring decisions out of their impressive CV data pool.

PLATO sorts through thousands of the clients’ received applications and ultimately presents the top percentile of applicants. What's more, each and every time the client uses PLATO’s machine learning, it is able to make quicker and better ranking decisions.

PLATO has grown-up by reading and interpreting millions of CVs and Resumes. PLATO is constantly learning and getting better. PLATO is clever, and currently hitting an 85% success rate. Our next goal for PLATO is to reach a 95% success rate. 

A recruiter can take over a month to find a great candidate, PLATO can do this in less than a day.


The Benefits

PLATO finds the best candidates, matching them for a role in far less time than a normal recruiter and at a fraction of the cost.

PLATO can analyse thousands of CVs in a matter of seconds - something that would take a human consultant days, or even weeks.

PLATO is the Artificial Intelligence solution to the systemic issues in the recruitment industry, it will revolutionise the way hiring managers interact with their applicants and drastically improve hiring success rates.

Finally, PLATO recognises the importance of removing bias from candidate screening - through PLATO's software, all bias is removed to leave an objective ranking of the top candidates.


The Team




Xavier has founded and ran a number of companies, across many sectors, including: communication technology, media and marketing. At University Xavier grew an Entrepreneurship non-profit by 500%; this helped to build an innovative ecosystem at the University of Southampton. Xavier has featured in The Guardian and Won NACUE's UK Entrepreneur of the Year Award for 2016.



Artifical Intelligence  Lead

Ishan is an experienced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence developer. He is also a Statistics and Mathematics major from Berkley, California. Ishan has led and worked on Machine Learning projects for global companies and built the machine learning  models for one of the UK's fastest growing insurance startups.   




Dominic is an innovative marketing and business lead. Dominic has helped to build numerous organisations across: non-profits, marketing technology and Recruitment technology. Dominic has won multiple awards including Southampton University's Student Businessman of the Year for 2016 and has experience working in both UK and Indian industry.




Aaron has started and built companies starting from a young age. At The Worldly Magazine (which he Co-Founded) he led business development for large clients and developed international business development experience working at the Park Plaza Hotel, India. Aaron helped one of his StartUps reach the Telegraph STEM awards Semi-finals.

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